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Happy 2021!

Take things slower, I said to myself.  Slow down, I reminded myself.  And honestly,  I tried. And kept trying, knowing I needed to implement better boundaries. But it seemed like everything that could happen and would happen, happened.  And so, December was another busy month.  January was going to be busy, with a lot lined up already.  But you know what, I will take my break and take life slowly, inhaling and exhaling slowly as I go.  I already have plans to not be at every online meeting - oh yes, the rebel in me rises up! - and I will be saying no to people a lot more than usual. May 2021 be a year where I put my foot down and keep my boundaries in place while taking time out to cherish that which truly matters. And may 2021 be a year where you too will be able to take the time to cherish everything that matters to you and know the simple pleasure of saying no when you need to. Here's to 2021! Happy 2021!

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