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Should We Talk About Our Spouses Negatively To Our Girlfriends

  As a woman, I do love meeting with other ladies to converse about a myriad of things, gleaning from them as well as contributing nuggets of wisdom. With kindred spirits, as Anne Shirley would say, I can pass long hours sharing thoughts, ideas, and things about God without fear of being maligned.   On the other hand, I have a tough time being around ladies who gossip about others, and who speak negatively about their husbands. There is nothing wrong with having differences of opinions, I believe we can take away different ideas from each other if we remain respectful and mindful of being kind with our words and not perceive differences of opinions as personal attacks. However, there is something toxic about being around women who seem to only speak negatively about their spouses or want to know the negative bits of my life not because they are truly interested but as a way to use any knowledge gleaned about me or any other person to demonstrate some form of perceived power. We cannot

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