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The Price Tag We Put On Ourselves

The world puts a price tag on all of us. How is this possible, you ask. Well, whether we consciously think about it or not, according to the world, our worth is based on how well we perform. We generally get paid according to our abilities or knowledge but that also depends on where we are in the world. While it is understandable that there needs to be some sort of measure of what we do in exchange for payment, it has become a deeper issue and money has become a measure not only for the amount of work done but the worth of a person. So, it isn't surprising then that we tend to think of our worth in terms of monetary value. If we earn more, we are more important. While that is not the case at all, we will never admit that we tend to believe it deep in our hearts. Money has become the power tool in which we wield to gain respect and for some, to control others. And that goes for everyone, not just for the likes of super millionaires in the world. Having what we think as sufficient mo

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