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Wives, Submit To Your Husbands Part 2

Submit. The word that strikes fear in some and makes others very uncomfortable. Whenever topics on marriage come up and Ephesians 5:22 is read, almost every woman will ask me, "Do I have to submit to my husband?"  I have lived in different countries with different cultures than that of the North American or Western culture and in some of them, marriage is not so much a union based on love rather one based on convenience or necessity. Passion, mistaken for love, might play a part but the idea of forming a deep friendship with your spouse in some cultures is an unknown concept. In a relationship based on convenience or necessity, and depending on how the roles of men and women are perceived in society, it is not always easy for a wife to be able to trust her husband, much less submit to him completely. She might obey her husband only because he controls the finances, but not because she truly wants to.  As a Christian, I have learned early on that if we say we follow Jesus, our

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