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Becoming One Flesh

      For those who are married and those who are yet to be married, there is the dance we all know too well, that dance of being on our best behavior as well as making sure we look good while we are courting, dating or in the throes of trying to figure out if there is a possibility of a "we".  Just like peacocks, the feathers get preened, the frizz is gone and in its place, brilliance and a shine like never seen before. The clothes are pressed, polished and every word said is calculated to make sure we are portrayed in the best possible light.     The champagne is popped, the wedding date is set, dresses and tuxes are bought amidst the flurry of planning every detail. The wedding day comes, the vows are said, the reception a celebration of joy and love, a closure to the dance of courtship, and a beginning to the journey of marriage.     And right there is where the work starts. Becoming one flesh is not an easy thing, in the literal sense of coming together physically, it ge

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