I was humbled by the lady I disciple and counsel the other day during our session. I don't see myself being able to do anything for God but somehow He thinks I am able and sees me through the lens of His Son which means He sees me with the potential He's put into me not all the shortcomings I see myself with.

During the session with Y, I felt led to ask her if she would lay down all her deepest dreams at Jesus' feet. It was hard for me to ask her as I knew how hard it was for her to think about letting them go. She repeated, "Lay them down?" with so much pain it brought tears into my eyes. I said yes, can you let them go to Jesus seeing that He gave everything for you? I then went on to ask her if she would still praise Him if none of her dreams ever came true.

She said yes. Yes because she loves Him and knows what He has done for her. She will give up her most precious dreams to Him and if she never sees them come to fulfillment, she will still praise Him.

I love it when I see people love God so much especially when I know their circumstances and how hard it is for them to take that step of faith. And at the same time, it humbles me to the quick because I am confronted with myself, and my own shortcomings of grumbling, complaining and forgetting what God has done for me. Yet, it is a way that God speaks to me, to remind me where I've fallen short and to start getting my feet back on the right path again.

Will I praise Him if He does nothing more for me? Yes, I said as I looked up at the starry night sky that night. Yes, I will still praise Him. Yes, because I love Him.

Thank you for the reminder, God. Thank you for giving me your perspective on things. Thank you for getting my mind off of myself and to see you for who you are. God. Yahweh, I Am. El Shaddai. Jehovah Rapha. Jehovah Jireh. Jehovah Nissi. Redeemer. The One who parted the Red Sea and the Jordan River. The One who heals. The One who defeats giants. The One who provides. The One who hears. The One who sees. The Glory and the Lifter of my head. The One who protects. The One who is and was and is to come. The fire by night and the cloud by day. The One who fights for me. My Saviour and My Lord.

I am grateful for the reminder that nothing belongs to us and all things come from You and through You and that we should not hold onto anything so tightly on this side of eternity.

"Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines, the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat, the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls; yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation."
Habakkuk 3:17-18

PS: Leaving our dreams and all that we hold so close and dear to us at Jesus' feet is not the same as quitting or giving up on something prematurely. It is us deciding to give Jesus control over all that is so important to us so that we don't have to fret or obsess over them to the point they become our first and last thoughts. When that happens, those dreams convert to becoming idols and instead of helping us move forward, they now keep us stuck as we obsessively wait for their fulfilment while not being able to function on all other levels. Releasing them to Jesus helps us get our perspective back to acknowledge that God is first in our lives and we will surrender completely to Him because we trust that He who loves us will give us good gifts, and most likely better ones than the ones we had anticipated.


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