A child-like faith and a big God.

It has taken me a while to write this next post, a continuation of the story of the lady in the coffee shop. Sometimes, all that is planned does not work out accordingly and this was one of those times. Many apologies on my part.

Faith is a strange thing, it is not something tangible until we have seen it worked out in a human life. Until it presents itself as such, we must believe in order to see its manifestation. Sometimes, it feels like a contradiction and it would be so if it were not the One in whom we have faith. For those who do not believe in Him, faith is considered as superstition, a crutch for not wanting to do the hard things. On the other hand, for those who do believe in Him, we see that faith in Him is a necessity for our daily living, not as an excuse to shirk back from doing the things we need to do but as a way to complement those very things.

The lady we spoke about in the previous post truly believed in God once she decided to believe. Call it a lack of education if you will, I call it childlike faith, the kind of faith that pleases God. Her belief was the kind you'd see in the woman with the issue of blood who said, "If only I can touch the hem of His robe, I will be healed"  and  indeed, she saw miracles that only God could orchestrate. Her family had been living in the lower section of her sister-in-law's building and the rest of the building was semi-abandoned, except for the sister-in-law's apartment on the second floor and this lady and her family's living quarters on the first floor. For all five of them, it was rather dark and cramped. Family problems between her husband and sister-in-law also meant there were a lot of arguments and constant fighting. This lady dreamed of owning her own home again, having lost her previous home when she sold it to help one of her older sons pay off his debt from his substance abuse. She had money saved up from her years as an avocado seller and once she realized how much she needed to move out of the neighbourhood to ensure that her younger sons did not end up with substance abuse or gang related issues, she made the decision to move and buy her own land or home. Her husband thought she was mad. He was comfortable where they were and did not want to move. Anyway, our determined lady started looking at lands and homes for sale in another neighbourhood all the while asking the Holy Spirit to lead her to where He would want her to purchase that was within her price range. It was a hot day, she said, and with her budget, she was sure she would not be able to purchase anything by the main streets and avenues. The way the city of Lima, Peru is set up, houses are build up along the terraces of hills without main streets but with a network of staircases and small alleyways for the occupants to reach their homes. The higher one built their home meant that the more legwork one had to do everyday in order to leave and arrive home. The lady of our story knew her budget would probably only allow her a house high up on the terraces of the hills in the neighbourhood she was looking at and so she climbed up and down searching for land or homes for sale.

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By midday, she was redfaced and sweating profusely from the heat, and had finally reached the main avenue at the bottom of one of the hills, resting in the shade of a street vendor's awning while drinking a cool drink. The street vendor saw her sorry state and asked what she had been doing and our lady told her that she was looking for land or a home to purchase up on the hills but had found nothing. The street vendor then said, "Oh, but did you know that piece of land right there is for sale?" pointing to a corner piece of land directly across from her right there on the main avenue. The lady replied, "It's on the main avenue, I don't think I can afford that. But, if you know the owner, I wouldn't mind talking to them just to find out anyway." Apparently the street vendor did know who the owner was as he lived just a few houses down the street and told the lady where to find him. It turned out that he and his wife were going through a divorce and he wanted to sell his half portion of the land and because he just wanted to get rid of it, his asking price was low. To make a long story short, the price was perfect for the lady's budget and after negotiations with the man, his wife, the lady and her husband, they bought the piece of land which also had a very basic hut on it.

She thought that all she could get was some place high up on a terrace which would require much walking and would not appreciate too much in value over the years. What God gave her was prime real estate land, right on the bottom of the hill by the main streets and avenues, for a fraction of what it would have gone for, and perfect for her budget. While we would see that it only had a hut, she saw that God had also given her a home on the land in which she could live with her family while saving up to build something better. They were used to living in cramped quarters with basic necessities so living in a basic hut might have been just a little more uncomfortable but she told us it was a lot better than having to endure family quarrels all the time and to be able to have a place they  could call home without fear of being evicted.  In all of this, she saw God's hand and His answer to her prayer which was not only to give her what she thought she could get, but something far more than she could have envisioned.

She had called on God believing, and He came through for her in a way  that was more than she could have imagined or hoped for. Some would say this is a coincidence or superstition. I call this a miracle, a tangible manisfestation of a child-like faith in God in a human being's life.


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