Jumping into YouTube

Sometimes, you just got to jump. 

Some of you might know that I a not a fan of taking videos of myself. But lately, that's been the direction I have sensed I needed to take. I squirmed, I hedged and fudged. I thought I should go slow and record audios first to slowly ease myself into video eventually.

But. Faith has to overcome fear. And just like it is better to jump right into a pool rather than inch yourself in bit by bit, I decided I will just jump.

And put myself out there to be judged and all. 

I'm still figuring things out with the camera. 

I still don't know how my hair can look good on videos.

I don't know why I look considerably worse on video than I do in a photo.

I have to figure out angles still.

But. It's not about me.

So, I jumped in, dusted off an old Youtube channel and put myself on there.

And here it is:

You can find me on YouTube at Ten Thousand Lightbulbs/ Adeline Oh Velarde

I hope you will be encouraged by the short message. 


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