Behind the Scenes

The whole world is rocked with uncertainty right now, as countries have closed borders, some having placed residents in lockdown or quarantine, leaving many stuck in different countries unable to return home. As for Luis, my husband, and I, we are in self-isolation as per the regulations of the country we are currently residing in. I am not bored, finding that this is a time I can catch up on many items on my To-Do list now that everything else has come to a halt. 

While we may equate God's silence at this time with a lack of concern, that cannot be farther than the truth. I believe that right now, more than at any time, the world is praying harder and louder. People are afraid, even those who do not know God are praying. Fear creates panic and people react to the panic behaving erratically in ways they would never have done when things are normal. 

As Christians, we need to abide deeper in God. This is a time to stop looking at what the enemy or everyone else is doing to focus on what God is doing. God might be silent but He is still working behind the scenes and we need to hold on, be patient and believe His Word. Our faith is being severely tested now but if we truly know our God by grace through faith, then we will know that He has us in the palm of His righteous right hand. His glory is our rear guard, and He is fighting the battle for us. 

What do we need to do? Stand firm. Dig our heels in by faith into His Word while standing and recognizing against whom we are actually fighting. The world might say we are fighting a virus taking many lives of which there is no known cure but we know that behind that virus is the enemy of our soul and when we have that perspective, our battle takes on a different perspective and level.

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