Being Grateful Part 1

While living this time of lockdown/quarantine, I have found it easy to focus on the inconvenience of the season. I will not lie, it has been difficult planning grocery shopping trips, scouring the internet for recipes requiring little ingredients, figuring out how to store my vegetables so they will last for a month, remembering to don our masks when someone comes to the door or when we have to leave the house, planning how to start a small vegetable garden with seeds I have saved from my store-bought veggies, and the creme de la creme, disinfecting everything every time we return from having been outside including our dollar bills, or rather, peso bills.

I am still working on my shops, this blog, and podcast along with attending video conference calls, so my days are filled and while I had thought I would have all the time in the world to be watching TV and deep cleaning the house, I have discovered that I am busier now with all the extra chores than I was before. At the beginning of the lockdown/quarantine, it became part of my routine to check the numbers of virus cases in the country to figure out if the lockdown was making a difference. It was also easy to look for videos from different journalists on how things were progressing or digressing.

At first, all of that was rather novel.

And then, after the first three weeks, it became old. So, I began to look for things to be grateful for. In between podcasts posts, I will write about what and who I am personally grateful for during this lockdown.  

Today, I will start by saying I am absolutely grateful for the health care personnel who have not shirked their duty to serve in such a way that puts them and their families at risk of being infected, for those who have come out of retirement to get back on the frontlines, for those who work without adequate personal protection equipment, for those who are bone-weary and yet keep going day after day because that is their calling and vocation. 

I don't think anyone of us can escape the calling in our lives, and I refer to the fact that a calling is something that is so deeply ingrained in us that we must do it no matter the cost to us personally. It is a passion, and yet more than a passion because even though there are days we are so tired of or burned out from doing it, we will still go back to it once we have recovered because it has become an innate part of ourselves.

So thank you to you all who keep taking one step after the other to keep going forward, to keep fulfilling the call, to push forward even though the emotional, physical, and health cost is great. 

I appreciate you all. 


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