The Training Is In The Waiting

Waiting seems to be all we are doing right now. The word, "wait" tends to bring up images of sitting around while time keeps on ticking while we wait for something to happen.

And there is nothing that says "wait" like a lockdown when everything comes to a standstill. But, while everything outside might have slowed down or closed, does everything on the inside of our homes have to come to a standstill and shut down as well?

We've all spent time waiting at some point or other in our lives, more so when we are followers of Jesus and we need to wait on God to come through for us or to fulfil a calling or a promise. What do we do while we wait? How should we wait?

The next episode on my video podcast talks about waiting on God. Here's the YouTube link to check it out:

Let's continue to stay encouraged during this time of waiting by abiding in God's Word as it is only in God's Word do we find comfort, wise counsel and life to help us persevere in faith.


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