Know Who Your God Is

It is one thing to say words that are familiar to you because you hear them all the time, it is another thing to say those same words with an understanding that is so deep it becomes a part of you.

This is how we are in the Christian culture, we get used to saying words and phrases because they are expected of us as Christians. We say, "Amen" "God bless you" "Hallelujah" and phrases like, "God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good" or "God will carry you through". Please don't get me wrong, these are words and phrases that are true, but how many of us say them with a truly deep understanding of what they actually mean and how many of us are saying them just because it's the right thing to say at the moment?

I use this as an example as an introduction of something a little much deeper. How many of us truly know God besides the words we say in church, that "God loves you" and "God is love"? 

Is God so entwined in our lives that He is inseparable from all that we do or think to do, or is He only reserved for when we do our bible studies, when we go to church or when we pray and listen to worship music?

Do we know who our God is on a truly deep and personal level aside from the phrases and verses we say? Do our hearts truly know who God is or are the words we use to describe Him simply words floating around in our heads?

You see, until we know, truly, deeply and madly know who our God is on a deep, heart level, we will have a difficult time standing firm on His Word by faith. 

I share more of this in my study message in the next video.

God is so much bigger than we can imagine or understand and it is so important that we get to a heart level with what we read and study in His Word and not have that only be a form of knowledge that stays only in our minds. 

God is not a subject we study, He is life. 

And until we have that deep in our hearts, we will be unable to stand firmly on His Word to trust Him when we have to face our giants.


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