Only God Can

We had just been married three months when Luis started having headaches and seeing lights every time he closed his eyes. At first, we thought it was because he was tired and needed a break but days passed and the headaches and "lights" only got worse. They took a CT Scan at the hospital, and the doctor showed us the bump in his brain. "An aneurysm", he said pointing to the bump. " You need to be operated on soon because it might burst and kill you," he added.

While Luis sat and waited, I stood in line to pay our portion of the consultation and the CT scan, heart heavy, half in shock, half raring to fight tooth and nail for Luis. So, I did the only thing I know how when I am troubled; I talk to the Lord. I had no desire to push my will on His, so I said to Him, "Lord, You know what just happened. I will be okay with what You decide. If Luis' purpose on this earth has been accomplished, and You want to take him home, then I release him to You. He is only a loaner from You to me, He is yours. Only give me the strength and grace to endure. BUT, if his purpose on earth has not yet been fulfilled, and it is not time for him to be with You in heaven, then let me know because I will fight this all the way with You helping us." I heard the Lord say, "Fight. Luis is not done on earth yet."  I then texted my mom and my pastor's wife to ask them to pray.

We went home as we had to wait for surgery and that night, at home, I wept before the Lord and asked Him to give me a Word to stand on. He clearly gave me Psalm 91:14-16 "Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him securely on high because he has known My name. He will call upon Me and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. With a long life I will satisfy him and let him see My salvation."

I stopped crying, thanked the Lord, and started praying those verses, inserting Luis's name where it was appropriate. The Lord had given me His Word on which to stand and I stood on that to fight for Luis. And then I went to bed with a tremendous peace.

The next day, Luis's headache worsened so I decided to take him to a private hospital known for its neurology department. My aunt had recently passed away and had left me some money so I knew I had enough to cover what the insurance would not. They took Luis into Emergency and because he has Diabetes Type II, they had to keep him under observation while they made sure his glucose level was where they could operate. He was there for two days. They would operate on the third day as the glucose levels would have leveled out by then. Meanwhile, I was doing internet research and knocking at the door of his neurosurgeon every time I had a question. The doctor was incredibly patient with me and answered every question I had.

On the third day, they took another CT scan before the operation. The neurosurgeon came in a little while later with the scan in his hand and said, "There is no aneurysm. We don't need to operate. He must have had a migraine. "

I made him repeat it twice just to make sure because he was speaking in Spanish and that is not my native language. Luis understood and so did his best friend who was there. I asked how that could be since the first CT scan clearly showed an aneurysm and the neurosurgeon said, "Well, there isn't one there now. Must have been a migraine" A migraine that lasted a week when Luis had never had migraines all his life? No. 

"No, God healed him from the aneurysm," I said. The neurosurgeon looked at me and shrugged.

Luis was discharged that day, his headache and the lights in his head that he saw for a week left, never to return.

God gave me His Word, we stood on it and God came through.

"With men, this is impossible but with God, all things are possible." - Matthew 19:26


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