Are We Living In The End Times?

With all that is going on in the world, it is normal that we start wondering about what will happen in the future.

Are we in the end times?

Is Jesus coming back soon?

Our concern about what is to come given the uncertainty we are facing now is justifiable.

However, so much of the questions we have only tend to bring more confusion as we open up more cans of worms with more questions attached to them. 

Do we have to go through tribulation?

Is there a conspiracy theory?

I am not sure about you but right about now, I'm starting to have a headache.

So, I put together a video message to help simplify things. You can click on the video below to watch and listen and if it is beneficial to you, share it with others as well.

Meanwhile, keep holding on to Jesus, the author, and perfector of our faith because through all of this uncertainty, He is our anchor.

Stay safe and God bless!


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