The Price Tag We Put On Ourselves

The world puts a price tag on all of us.

How is this possible, you ask.

Well, whether we consciously think about it or not, according to the world, our worth is based on how well we perform.

We generally get paid according to our abilities or knowledge but that also depends on where we are in the world.

While it is understandable that there needs to be some sort of measure of what we do in exchange for payment, it has become a deeper issue and money has become a measure not only for the amount of work done but the worth of a person.

So, it isn't surprising then that we tend to think of our worth in terms of monetary value.

If we earn more, we are more important.

While that is not the case at all, we will never admit that we tend to believe it deep in our hearts.

Money has become the power tool in which we wield to gain respect and for some, to control others. And that goes for everyone, not just for the likes of super millionaires in the world.

Having what we think as sufficient money in our bank accounts gives us confidence and for some, it makes them feel secure and invincible.

A janitor who doesn't make much but has a great and kind heart is not as noticed as the CEO of the same company. Everyone trips over themselves to outdo each other to gain the attention of the CEO but the janitor is invisible. 

Money, we don't like talking about it, do we? It's a taboo topic in many circles.

Yet, we allow ourselves to be valued by it, driven by it, and even be controlled by it. 

Friends, our worth is not in what we earn each month. Nor is it in what we have in our bank accounts or investment portfolios. It is sad to think of all those who terminated their own lives during the Stock Market crash in 1929 when all their stock investments tanked and became worth nothing. It is sad because they equated their own worth and put a monetary value on themselves based on those stock investments and thought of themselves as nothing more than merely the total sum at the bottom of the line.

We are worth more than rubies, friends. Worth more than any precious stone, gold bars, bitcoin, or money in the world. 

Money is supposed to only help us obtain objects that would make our lives a little easier.

It was never meant to be the measuring stick of our worth.

Yet, the world has made us believed that.

Perhaps, it is time we start to go back to the basics of the bible to dismantle some of the thinking that has insinuated itself into our minds to stop believing them and believe in the truth instead.

Our worth is the price that Jesus paid on the cross.

He died to give us life should we choose to receive it.

No amount of money can purchase what He redeemed on the cross for us with His blood.

And what He offers us is eternal and unchanging, not something that fluctuates depending on world economic markets.

Our worth is not based on how well we perform but in who He is.

There is forgiveness in Him, and if we make a mistake, we can seek His forgiveness, get up, and go forward again. 

With money, there is no forgiveness. A mistake can make one penniless in minutes.

Money is earthly and can be unstable. What Jesus offers is eternal, and cannot be tarnished.

Seeing then that our value is worth so much more than all the money in the world, let's stop listening to what the world says and base our value and worth on that which is untarnishable and indestructible. 


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